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5 stars out of 5

I Absolutely Love Them!!

Valerie Ford on 26th Dec 2017
I am absolutely in love with my cowgirl boots! Not only are they gorgeous, the detail of the embroidery adds so much more to the quality of the boots. I wore them once so far and I received a ton of compliments with people asking me where did I get them. Seriously! They can’t be any more fabulous! I will definitely by another pair.
5 stars out of 5


Rex on 29th Dec 2015
I had seen the Black Star boots earlier in the year and was impressed with the appearance,unique designs, workmanship and qualify of the entire line of boots. I bought these boots as a Christmas gift hoping my spouse would love them. They were a major hit!
5 stars out of 5

Breath taking in person!

Angela 509 on 27th Dec 2015
I have been looking for a pair of boots with this type of pattern ever since I seen a pair similar made by Old Gringo. I couldn't afford 750.00 so my hunt was on. I seen these by chance on another Western store online and they were out in my size so I looked up Black Star. I couldn't believe the sale price AND they had my size. I bought them for myself and waited for the ups man to deliver. I was impressed with the dust blanket they come wrapped in. The box was beautiful too. When I took them out the quality of the leather and workmanship took me away! They are better than the pair Old Gringo makes as far as looks and feel. I tried them on and it was as if they took a mold of my foot before making them. There is no break in period. I can wear these all day and no have to worry about m feet hurting before I get home.

This was my first Black Star boot purchase, but I am hooked. I normally buy Corral boots. With those, after about 5 hours my feet hurt a little, these blow Corral out of the water on comfort and workmanship. These boots LOOK like they were close to 800.00 or more. I can't share enough how pleased I am with this purchase. I am thankful I finally found a brand of boots that I can confidently buy and know I can wear all day and that they will last a very long time!